Velum Break – Bench Manoeuvres

April 2019

Design and artwork for a digipack CD on Touched Music.

The brief called for something a little bit rude, cheeky, not very serious, mixed with line drawings of Health and Safety posters. His recent discovery of the pineapple and Portabello mushroom burger also became a great metaphor for the music… a mixture of light and dark, different and unusual flavours combining in unexpected ways – something that should't work together but does.

The Health and Safety inspired line drawings of the exploded burger view and the suggestive mushroom stalk going into the pineapple ring on the cover combine with the bespoke typography, rendered in a palette of white, dark mushroom brown and fleshy pink. 

The CD is sold out but digital is available from the Touched Music Bandcamp, proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Back cover
The CD is the pineapple ring...
Inside, no CD
...and the undertray illustration is the mushroom
Custom typography wraps around the outer sleeve
Square artwork for the digital version of the album