Off The Sky — Gently Down The Stream

November 2023

Design for the vinyl edition on re:discovery records of this previously CD only 2005 ambient glitch classic.

The brief was to update the design of the original artwork. The more I worked on it the more I thought it would be fitting to make it distinctly different as a reissue on a new format. I tried for quite a while to make the new design work on white but it just felt too close to the original. The background colour is inspired by Kentucky Bluegrass that Jason mentioned in his description of the original artwork, the other colours are taken from the original 2005 sleeve and 2010 digital reissue artwork. The same elements are also used so it still feels like the same album — the font (Eurostile Medium), the wavy lines, the tiny orange triangles, the dotty crosses, the tiny bar graphic and I managed to extract the ear of bluegrass from the 2010 artwork. The background colour wraps around to the back where the track listing and credits float on a white background as a homage to the original art. 


album cover
back cover
Cover and vinyl
Artwork for the original 2005 CD release (in slim case) and the updated design used on the 2010 digital only reissue (both designed by Jason Corder)
Cover detail
I had to recreate all graphics such as the swirly waves and tiny flowing orange triangles
edge detail
The re:discovery records motto on the bottom edge spine
Cover detail
back cover detail
The track listing, credits and tiny bar graphic sit on white as a callback to the original artwork
back cover
The track titles float down the sleeve and fade from green to blue
Single sided insert with artist and album information
A side centre label
B side centre label

The centre labels are on the bluegrass green for the first disc and white for the second. Instead of labelling each side, I put 1234 on side A, 567 on B etc.

C side centre label
D side centre label
Insert close-up
group shot

I design most of the re:discovery records releases, take a look at my artwork for the vinyl reissues of A Positive Life — Synaesthetic and Neural Network — Excerpts EPs trilogy.