Logo design and branding

September 2020

A selection of logos I have designed for clients large and small.

My logos for musicians and record labels are designed to work as strong standalone graphics. They have be highly adaptable – recognisable at a vast range sizes, work in any colour, on any background and still have presence when positioned with other logos. 

Some of the corporate logos below form the heart of a complete brand identity and are designed to work in harmony with specific colours, typefaces and other visual elements to present a statement of how a company wants to be portrayed.

Whatever the job, I always aim to craft something simple yet characterful.

Hierophant Records logo
A space themed logo, featuring a moon casting a shadow on an abstracted alien planet, for electro label Hierophant Records
Dyadik logo
Wordmark for record label Dyadik, each letter is made from two shapes (Dyadic meaning something that consists of two parts or elements)
Dyadik Icon
The Dyadik icon is composed of the two shapes that the whole identity is built on, representing the concept behind Dyadik and it's also the roman numeral for 2
Steven Rutter logo
Wordmark for musician Steven Rutter (one half of B12) to release music under his own name
Steven Rutter icon
Steven Rutter icon
vertex logo
Wordmark for Vertex Recordings, a joint record label from Verdant Recordings and Exalt Records (ver + ex = vertex)
Neo Ouija logo
Bespoke typographic wordmark for Neo Ouija, a long running record label specialising in electronic music
Touched Electronix logo
A record label started by Touched Music and Furthur Electronix – I have developed a complete typeface based on the logo (see project page)
Touched Electronix icon
Touched Electronix icon
Ami logo
Ambigram logo for dancer Ami
Morphology logo
Wordmark for Finnish electro duo Morphology
Morphology stacked logo
Alternative "stacked" version of the Morphology logo
Morphology icon
Morphology icon
Derek Carr logo
Wordmark for electronic music producer Derek Carr
Derek Carr icon
Derek Carr icon
Send Magic logo
A startup specialising in email marketing
Prosperis logo
Independent financial advisers and employee benefit consultants
Plant Revelations logo
An exotic plant nursery
UGP (United Gas and Power) logo
A utilities company
Bespoke Destinations logo
A company specialising in "Luxury Travel Experiences"