Logos and branding

July 2019

I love designing logos, although they are often very challenging and time consuming, the results are almost always immensely satisfying. To me a logo should be instantly recognisable, display the character of the company or subject and be adaptable enough to work at lots of sizes and in many different scenarios.

Below are a few of my best for companies and individuals. Some work as stand alone graphic elements (to feature on record sleeves for example) and have to be highly adaptable, others form the heart of a complete brand identity and work in harmony with specific colours, typefaces and other visual elements to present a statement of how a company wants to be portrayed.


Dyadik logo
Abstract wordmark for new record label Dyadik, meaning something that consists of two parts or elements (except with K instead of C at the end!), each letter is created out of two shapes
Steven Rutter logo
Wordmark for musician Steven Rutter (one half of B12) to release music under his own name
Steven Rutter icon
Icon version
Neo Ouija logo
Bespoke typographic wordmark for Neo Ouija, a long running record label specialising in electronic music
Touched Electronix logo
A record label started by Touched Music and Furthur Electronix. I have developed a complete typeface based on the logo for use on releases
Ami logo
Ambigram logo for Tribal Fusion belly dancer – Ami
Derek Carr logo
Electronic musician and DJ – Derek Carr
Derek Carr icon
Icon version
Send Magic logo
A startup specialising in email marketing
Plant Revelations logo
Nursery specialising in exotic plants
Prosperis logo
Independent financial advisers and employee benefit consultants
UGP logo
A utilities company
Bespoke Destinations logo
A company specialising in "Luxury Travel Experiences"
Min-Y-Llan logo
Welsh electronic musician Min-Y-Llan, aka Martin Boulton (founder of Touched Music)