Auratecture — logo and branding

October 2023

Logo, business stationery and website designs for a company specialising in stage concepts for concerts and music events.

The client wanted to rebrand with a new name and identity and become a lighting/production design studio providing cutting edge stage shows to the music and touring industry. The brief called for a high-end minimal look that leans to the monochromatic.

Light in its various forms was the motivation for the identity, from the A icon being inspired by a spotlight casting a shadow, to the wavelengths of light for various brand assets. The minimal look is primarily an off black with elements or assets highlighted in Aura Orange. Various weights of TASA Orbiter Display in combination with NB Architekt for the strapline and headings complete the identity.

The A icon was inspired by a spotlight casting a shadow. Company name in TASA Orbiter Display Medium
Minimal colour palette of off black, light grey and Aura Orange
Die-cut letterhead and comp slip with wavelengths of orange and violet light on the back
Business card with spot gloss pattern on the back
Logo construction
Seamless repeat pattern background
Line illustrations for the website showing the key stages of a project

Below are a selection of designs I did for the website (desktop and mobile), the illustrations are designed with subtle animation in mind. Visit to see the final website built by Fresh Pies.

Homepage with a scientific illustration of reflected rays (orange wavelength highlighted)
Homepage option 2 with the orange and violet wavelengths, this would be animated so the wavelengths slowly scroll across the screen
Projects page overlays the homepage, MORE shows an overlay of information about each project
About page uses the line illustrations to represent the key stages of a project (more information on rollover)
Mobile view of homepages and menu