Dyadik — music label branding and album artwork

April 2022

Logo, branding, album artwork and packaging design for a small label I run with Martin Boulton (Touched Music).

I work with Martin a lot, designing for his various labels, we're both into the same music and decided to start a label together – him finding the music and me doing the artwork. Whilst brainstorming label names I found dyadic (something that consists of two parts or elements) and I went on to use this concept as the starting point for the branding. Whilst working on the logo I'd drawn these two lines with acute angles at each end, the wordmark was an exercise constructing each letter of Dyadik with just two of these shapes. It's abstract but look a little deeper and the name reveals itself (a bit like music needing attention to fully appreciate), there's also a pleasing symmetry of the D and K at each end, holding the logo together. From there I designed an icon (a stylised two in roman numerals), a custom typeface and some geometric repeat patterns, all constructed using just these two shapes. Various weights of the Archia font is used for all other text.


Dyadik wordmark
Each letter of the wordmark is made from two shapes (dyadic meaning something that consists of two parts or elements)
Dyadik icon
The icon is composed of the two shapes that the whole identity is built on, representing the concept behind Dyadik (and also the roman numeral for 2)
The first Dyadik release (catalogue number: >1<) comes in a gloss laminated 4 panel card case with matt obi containing all the album information

Murya – Northern Lights >1<

Following completion of the design of the Dyadik logo I was keen to create a distinctive yet flexible look for the label's releases. The artist and album name typography and patterned background are all constructed from the two shapes used to make the logo. Gradients inspired by the colours of the aurora borealis cover the inner and outer sleeve, the gloss laminate gives the colours depth and richness, contrasting with the uncoated plain paper obi.

Gloss laminated sleeve with the Dyadik icon on the spine
Online release party advert
HRYM – Organik cover

HRYM – Organik >2<

Limited edition CD in a matt laminate 10 panel bespoke card sleeve. For the second release I continued with the custom type (based on the shapes of the logo) and geometric graphics established with the label's first release. The idea of a folding card sleeve was inspired by an image of flowers the band supplied (which also ended up as the blurred background) and is like the petals of a flower opening. I really liked this idea as there is multiple ways to fold the cover, creating many variations. From there I explored mixing nature with the man-made: the contrast of the blurred flowers with the angular type and hard edges of the flaps as they overlap.

Custom designed 10 panel folding CD case
The graphic under the CD echoes the way the case opens using the Dyadik shapes (also forms an O for Organik)

Various Artists – Adykt >3<

Limited edition 2CD compilation in a clear jewel case with transparent sticker. The name (Adykt = Addict) came from noticing it was almost part of the label name – dy-adic(t) and I thought it was a pretty good title for an album. I always want to try and do something a bit different with the packaging for Dyadik and it's fun to come up with solutions within a limited budget. I'd wanted to do a clear jewel case with printing on the front for a while and this release was the perfect fit. We had to go with a white print transparent sticker rather than screen printing but I think the results look just as good. As with previous releases the title text is made from the logo shapes, the circles on the CDs represent track length. 

Heogen - Oxygen Fields front
Heogen - Oxygen Fields back

Heogen – Oxygen Fields >4<

Limited edition glass mastered CD in clear wallet with double sided insert printed on pearlescent paper housed in a translucent anti-static bag with white ink transparent sticker on the front. I wanted to do something quite bright and optimistic, possibly with a holographic feel, as that is how the music feels to me – it would also be a contrast to the first Heogen album art. I spent ages looking at unusual packaging and pricing up different options we could do on a budget. The various elements were all ordered separately and assembled by hand. We put 100 copies on Bandcamp and they sold-out in under 24 hours. I am really happy with the finished product and love how the artwork "layers up" through the translucent bag and sticker.

CD onbody
The insert is printed on pearlescent paper stock to give it a subtle glittery feel to enhance the artwork
Sticker close-up
White ink transparent sticker on an anti-static bag
Insert detail
Insert detail

Most physical formats are sold out but for anyone wanting to check out the music, please visit our Bandcamp page.