FSOLdigital presents Mind Maps 4

July 2023

CD packaging artwork and screen printed merchandise for part four of the Yage mix albums for charity music label Touched Music.

The Mind Maps artwork has evolved over the previous three releases but I thought now was a good time to give the design a refresh and introduce some new elements and reduce the use of others. The Mind Maps logo was revised and its prominence on the cover reduced, the custom font I'd designed is used in fewer places and the background is now mainly composed of a single cut up satellite photo of blue ice in Antarctica from USGS. The case is also uncoated card rather than the matt finish of previous Mind Maps so that even the feel is different.

Mind Maps 4 case front cover
Mind Maps 4 case back cover
Uncoated card eight panel digipak case
Mind Maps 4 cover three quarter view
The custom font I designed celebrating 10 years of Touched Music 2013—2023
The album has a track listing and an indexed CD for the first time
Track titles
Artists (lines indicate track length)
Graphic under the CD tray shows track durations as contour lines
Sticker given away with orders from Touched Music
Limited edition hand screen printed t-shirt was available exclusively from FSOLdigital

The album was sold exclusively by Touched Music and FSOLdigital with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. See my artwork for Mind Maps, Mind Maps 2 and Mind Maps 3.


Mond Maps 1—4
Mind Maps 1—4 all housed in 8 panel digipak cases