Found Sound – Various Artists

January 2018

Design of a 2CD limited edition compilation album housed in a DVD case for Touched Music for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Inspired by the album's title, I began designing with the concept of radio waves, thinking of interesting ways in which sound is used to explore and discover (such as sonar, x-rays etc). I wanted to keep the design minimal whilst still creating a cover that was engaging. The final image subtly hides the title within the soundwaves emanating from the centre in a way that isn't immediately obvious on first sight (find the sound, seek it out). The graphic on the cover is the same size and position as the CDs inside.

CD and digital available from the Touched Music Bandcamp page.


The album comes in a clear DVD case
You have to squint to read the type, a concept inspired by the album title
Artist and track information is hidden behind each disc
The various quotes on the back cover that embody this release and the whole concept of Touched Music
The CD on body design keeps the minimal theme going with no text on either disc
Screen printed t-shirt