Neural Network — Excerpts EPs trilogy

March 2023

Design and artwork for a three part vinyl EP retrospective of ambient techno trio — Neural Network for re:discovery records.

re:discovery records mission to shine a light on lesser known 1990s electronic music continues with this Norwegian trio's work. The first two EPs, featuring tracks from the two albums they released, had to have artwork based on the original sleeves. The third EP is material from an unreleased third album. The typography and layouts tie the look and feel of all three together as a set.


Excerpts 1993–1995 part 1 cover
Excerpts 1993–1995 part 1 back cover

For 'Excerpts 1993-1995 Part 1' ​I made an updated version of the Brain-State-In-A-Box album's neurons inspired artwork.


Excerpts 1993–1995 part 2 cover
Excerpts 1993–1995 part 2 back cover

'Excerpts 1993-1995 Part 2' uses a slightly treated version of the original, uncropped photo from the cover their second album – Modernité. The back of the sleeve features more images from the 1960s New York trip treated in the same style.


Unreleased excerpts 1997 cover
Unreleased excerpts 1997 back cover

The cover for 'Unreleased Excerpts 1997' is based on a publicity photo of the group (also used on the inserts). Reducing the figures to outlines, I styled the cover image to be reminiscent​ of a computer chip wafer and came up with the idea of an artificial (neural) network — connecting the small squares together in three different patterns to form the figures. The back uses the same process to show the band name.


Back covers
Close-up of back cover of EP1

All typography is set in Eurostile as used on the back of the original Brain-State-In-A-Box artwork.


EP1 with insert
All 3 inserts

As with all re:discovery releases, these EPs came with an insert featuring background information on the artists and music from label boss Tim Humphrey and the band themselves. The same imagery (the band photo I used on the cover of 'Unreleased Excerpts 1997' and scans of old gig flyers) is used on all three and they are colour coded to each EP.


Spines typography

The seemingly random lines on the spines only make sense when all three sleeves are together.


EP1 side A centre label
EP2 centre label
EP3 centre label
3 shot of the covers
Vinyl EPs with original CDs
Excerpts 1993–1995 Part 1 and 2 next to the original CDs the tracks were selected from
Group shot of vinyl and inserts

I design most of the re:discovery records releases, take a look at my artwork for the vinyl reissues of A Positive Life — Synaesthetic and Off The Sky — Gently Down The Stream.