Ever Vivid — States of Being

September 2021

Artwork for a double vinyl album in gloss finish gatefold sleeve on Exalt Records.

The first time I listened to this album, before it even had a title, the music gave me images of something broken or smashed. When I found out it was to be called States of Being that idea made even more sense.


Front cover
Back cover

I explored imagery around the broken theme and this library image of broken glass gave me the idea to put a person at the centre of it. The fracture lines radiating out from the figure, a suitable metaphor for the music and album concept. Centre labels are dark for the A/B vinyl and light for C/D to reflect the light and shade of life's ups and downs.

Cover with vinyl
Spine close-up
Back cover detail
Front and back cover gatefold
Gloss finish gatefold sleeve
Inside gatefold
The inner gatefold image is an obscured ghostly figure in a dilapidated hallway
Inner gatefold close-up
Side A label
The single colour labels continue the broken glass theme, sides A/B are dark and C/D are light
Side C label
Side B and D labels
Sides B and D with the track listing
Group shot

I have designed most of the artwork since the label returned in 2018, see more here.