Covert Four — various artists

December 2023

Artwork for a 2CD compilation in card wallets with slipcase of exclusive tracks by anonymous artists for Touched Music.

Themes of video surveillance and subjects that have been pixelated/obscured/redacted are the design inspiration for the forth volume of this mystery artist compilation series. The ASCII art/pixelated style evolved from redrawing CCTV cameras and people using just four squares that contain between one and four lines. On the typography it is reminiscent of barcodes, tying into the tracking and identification aesthetic.


Slipcase front
Card slipcase cover
Slipcase back
Slipcase back cover
Slipcase spine view
Credits run along the spines
Slipcase bottom edge detail
Artwork detail
Printed card wallets housed in a card slipcase
Wallet cover for CD1
Wallet for CD1 — surveillance image of a face (with eyes highlighted) overlaid on a grid of abstracted type (COVERT FOUR PART ONE)
Wallet for CD2 front
Wallet for CD2 — surveillance image of person walking (phone highlighted) overlaid on text (COVERT FOUR PART TWO)
Wallet back cover CD 1
Wallet for CD1 back — the coloured lines on the right indicate track position
Wallet back cover CD2
CDs in card wallets
CD designs
Group shot

I also did the artwork for Covert 3 released back in 2018.