FSOLdigital presents Mind Maps

June 2021

Design and artwork for a limited edition eight panel digipak CD mix album featuring an hour long seamless journey of remixes by various aliases of The Future Sound of London.

Mind Maps was first heard as a promotional mix for the release of A Controlled Vista and was another dream project for one of my favourite artists on one of my favourite labels. I began by researching imagery of various landscapes and thought about how the topography of the natural world could represent the brain: rivers become veins, deltas the nervous system and mountain ranges become tissue. I found some amazing and inspirational satellite imagery by the United States Geological Survey that I overlaid and reworked to form a seamless background over all eight panels. The vastness of the imagery also fit into the FSOL narrative established with their previous artwork and helped to convey the moods and emotions of the music.

Mind Maps case front cover
Mind Maps case back cover
As there is no track listing I came up with a tagline about the mix inspired by the epic satellite imagery
Digipak case 3D
An eight panel digipak case (with matt finish) to show off the vastness of the imagery

Initially I only set out to design the album title in the custom typography (inspired by the twisty folds of a brain) but then hit on the idea of the stylised "M"s resembling a brain shape. It shows the left brain/right brain (analytical/creative) and could also be sound waves or brain waves.

Open digipak
Custom typography inspired by the shapes of a brain is used throughout
This type was the starting point of the font and the MM logo on the cover

Pleased with how well the brain inspired typography had turned out and seeing as there was very little text to work with (not even a track listing), I constructed the names of the various remix aliases (FSOL, Humanoid, Yage and Synthi A) in the same style. This added more interest to the artwork and also gave a glimpse into the music.

More custom typography showing the remixers: FSOL, Humanoid, Yage and Synthi A (all aliases of The Future Sound of London)
Under the CD there's a Mind Maps compass (use your own needle)
Overlaid and reworked satellite imagery forms a seamless, continuous journey, just like the mix
Spine view
Social media promotional graphic

The album was sold exclusively by Touched Music and FSOLdigital with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. See my artwork for Mind Maps 2, Mind Maps 3 and Mind Maps 4.

Mind Maps 1—4