Scanner – The Signal of a Signal of a Signal

December 2020

12" picture disc artwork for the fifth release on Touched Revolutions.

In keeping with the previous releases, the A side features the equipment used to make the album. Rather than a straightforward photograph, I felt the music need something more atmospheric and I experimented with an abstracted section of a modular synth from Scanner's studio overlaid on a misty forest lakeside (photo by Sandra Ahn Mode).

The water theme continues on the B side with an image (original photo by Izzy Gibson) inspired by the album title. Water droplets hitting the surface, the ripples radiating out, affecting and distorting the text, the effects dissipating as they move outwards (The Signal of a Signal of a Signal).


Picture disc A side
Picture disc B side
Close up of the track listing. I added the "signal lost" message to close out the information, a fitting end

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