Morphology — Twelve

June 2022

Artwork for two compilations — Twelve 1 and Twelve 2, released on CD (with foil print box) and vinyl for FireScope Records.

The release concept is 12 tracks from 12"s from the first 12 years of Morphology, it was supposed to come out in the 12th month of their 12th year but due to vinyl pressing delays was late. The design is all based around the number 12… the title (Morphology12) is 12 characters, place the sleeves of 1 and 2 next to each other to make a 12 and on the covers the big numerals are made of 12 lines.


Twelve 1 vinyl cover
Twelve 1 vinyl back cover
Twelve 2 vinyl cover
Twelve 2 vinyl back cover
Twelve 1 coloured vinyl
Twelve 2 coloured vinyl
Twelve 1 and 2 covers
Morphology logo close-up
I designed the Morphology logo the previous year and designed "twelve" in the same style
Credits close-up
Twelve 1 track listing close-up
The track listing, track position, original release year and label are integrated into the 12 lines on the back covers
Twelve 1 side A label
The circular typography on the labels reads outside to inside on Twelve 1…
Twelve 1 side B label
Twelve 2 side A label
…and inside to outside on Twelve 2
Twelve 2 side B label
Spines close-up
The title typography on the spines line up with the 12 lines on the covers, then 1 and 2 sit below

The albums were also released on CD and were available exclusively from FireScope Records. They both fit in a white matchbox style case (with holographic foil print) that came with Twelve 1. Each album came on two vinyl-effect black CDs, replicating the track listing of the vinyl, and are housed in card wallets.

CD box
A different Morphology12 graphic is printed on the front of the CD box in holographic foil
CD box 3D
CD box open
Both albums fit into the matchbox style case
CD slipcase covers
Card CD wallets with 3mm spine
CD wallets back covers
Twelve 1 vinyl-effect CDs
Twelve 2 vinyl-effect CDs
CDs on tray with box