Buspin Jieber – V​.​H​.​S. Volcanic/Harmonic/Sounds

April 2020

Design of a limited edition CD album housed in a digipack DVD case for Touched Music – styled to look like a 1980s VHS.

The album's sound palette evokes 80s electronic music and the label wanted that reflected in the artwork. The DVD digipack case was the closest we could get to an old school VHS without going down the more expensive custom route. I researched lots of VHS packaging and came up with a look inspired by (but not a direct copy of) the designs of that era.

CD and digital available from the Touched Music Bandcamp page. As always, all proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Front cover artwork
Back cover artwork
Wraparound artwork
Wraparound design
The inside cover is inspired by a hi-fi EQ display
Square artwork for the digital version of the album