Found Sound 2 – Various Artists

November 2020

Design and artwork for a second volume of this charity 2CD compilation for Touched Music – housed in a gloss finish DVD size digipak case.

I wanted to continue to work with the minimal design that had got such a great reception for Found Sound back in 2018. The sleeve for that compilation is monochrome so I decided to use two colours this time. The circle has evolved into a number 2 and the title is still subtly hidden within the lines. A white background and gloss finish gives the artwork a fresh, crisp look that contrasts and compliments the Found Sound artwork. The same fonts and similar minimal design also connect it to the original album.

The CD version has now sold-out but digital is available from the Touched Music Bandcamp page.


Front cover
Back cover
The white background and gloss finish gives the artwork a clean, fresh look
The album title is hidden within the number two and can only be read if you squint
The minimal layouts echo the design of the first Found Sound album
CD on body designs
The on body design is an updated version of the first compilation's CDs
CD on body design close-up
Album title and disc info added to avoid confusion with the first Found Sound CDs which featured no text
Found Sound and Found Sound 2