Magnonic Signals – label artwork

July 2020

Design and artwork of single colour centre labels for a new imprint putting out quality techno.

According to Wikipedia "magnonics is an emerging field of modern magnetism". I designed a simple and adaptable look with the objective of making a Magnonic Signals release recognisable at small sizes and from across a record shop. It felt like a natural choice to have the circular "MAG SIG" logo big on the front and use the flip side to express the concepts behind each release. A and B are replaced with positive and negative to tie in with the magnetism theme.

MS001: Mihail P and Spin Fidelity – Waves of Magnetism EP
A representation of electromagnetic waves
MS002: Erell Ranson - Many Moons Ago
The phases of the moon rotate as the record spins
MS003: Aquatronics - Deep Horizons EP
A jellyfish for the aquatic themes of MS003
Limited edition hand screen printed Gildan Royal Blue t-shirt (also available on black)