Merchandise design

January 2024

Various screen printed t-shirt and hoodie designs for artists and labels including The Future Sound of London, Plaid, The Orb, Touched Music and FireScope Records amongst others.


The Orb tour t-shirt design front
The Orb tour t-shirt design back
The Orb Tour t-shirt design front

The Orb — Orboretum Tour t-shirt
Four colour screen print on Forest Green and Natural t-shirts, design based on tour poster


Mind Maps 4 t-shirt

FSOLdigital presents Mind Maps 4
Hand screen printed design available exclusively from FSOLdigital to accompany the release of Mind Maps 4 on CD.


Mind Maps 3 t-shirt

FSOLdigital presents Mind Maps 3
Two colour t-shirt design for the Mind Maps 3 album. The circular typography from one of the inner panels on the CD artwork forms the focus of the design. They were hand screen printed in a range of colours to compliment the album artwork.


Mind Maps 2 t-shirt
Mind Maps t-shirt back

FSOLdigital presents Mind Maps 2
Two colour hand screen printed t-shirt to go along with the Mind Maps 2 album artwork I designed. Featuring the brain graphic from the inside panel of the CD packaging but with the Mind Maps type made more obvious. Custom typography on the back shows the Future Sound of London aliases featured on the Mind Maps 2 album.


Plaid — Stem Sell
T-shirt and hoodie featuring the familiar Plaid logo but drawn in DNA barcodes to compliment the Stem Sell remix album artwork.


The Orb Ultraworld t-shirt front
The Orb Ultraworld t-shirt back

The Orb ‎— Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld / A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld
A couple of designs for The Orb based on the iconic The Designers Republic artwork for their first releases. Most of the graphics had to be scanned and redrawn from the original record sleeves, any cropped-off or overlapping graphics were rebuilt.


Covert 3 — Touched Music
A shirt for charity record label Touched Music’s third volume in the Covert series featuring music by anonymous artists. I created a design using the same cryptic visual language I developed for the Covert 3 album artwork.


B12 — Electro-Soma
Hand screen printed shirt to promote the reissue of the classic 1993 album on Warp Records. Featuring the isolated main figure from the cover, the back uses elements of the album artwork and is printed on a shirt colour to match the album sleeve.


Steven Rutter — BrainFog
This uses a reworked version of the painting from the album cover that I adapted to work as a screen print. I designed the Steven Rutter logo on the sleeve and the BrainFog typography (which I also used in various different iterations on the album artwork). Every shirt is slightly different due to the hand colour gradient.


Magnonic Signals
Based on the Aquatronics - Deep Horizons EP artwork and screen printed on a Gildan Royal Blue shirt (also available on black).


FireScope Records x Pickle Factory
A one-off design for the FireScope Records showcase at The Pickle Factory in London. The front features custom designed letterforms created especially for this shirt. They were sold at the event and also given to all the artists that performed. A great night and I was delighted to see Kirk DeGiorgio and Derek Carr wearing them.


Neo Ouija Records — Oh Shuper!
A self initiated bit of fun for Neo Ouija. I had recently designed the new Neo Ouija logo and label boss, Lee Norris, kept commenting “Oh Shuper!”. I had the idea to design a t-shirt and see if I could do the words in the same style as the typography I’d designed for the logo.