Karsten Pflum – Revealed EP

September 2019

Design and artwork for a limited edition 12" picture disc and CD on Touched Revolutions.

Features Karsten Pflum tracks from parent label Touched Music's Covert compilations by mystery artists (hence the "Revealed" EP title), along with some new remixes by Humanoid, John Tejada and Rolando Simmons.

Inspired by the Caustic Window ‎– Joyrex J9 picture disc, the label wanted Karsten's actual Elektron Machinedrum on the front. I kept it looking used and slightly battered, then tweaked the display to show artist, track and record speed. I was also sent some images of his other gear and that sparked the idea for the design on the flip side.


Close-up of the display retouched to show release information
The instruments are uniformly arranged around the centre with the cables connecting them all differently

I always like to try and do something a bit different on each format and for the CD I didn't want to do just a miniaturised version of the vinyl. The back features different artwork and the track information layout is different. The CD also includes an additional three remixes.

Card CD wallet front, the display shows runtime instead of record speed
Card CD wallet back, the EP name is spelt out with the instruments
CD on body repeats the vinyl B side image

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