Covert 3 – Various Artists

November 2018

Design and artwork for a 2CD compilation of exclusive tracks by anonymous artists on Touched Music.

For those that don't know, the Covert albums are compilations of electronica and techno but the listener has no idea who the tracks are by. Some are by well known names in the genre and others by relatively unknowns. Tracks by anonymous artists is somewhat of a tradition in techno with many well established artists often releasing music under an alias. These compilations are an extension of that, fans also seem to love guessing who has made the tracks.

This is the third Covert album and the first I have been involved with, the previous two volumes had artwork by The Designers Republic. From the start I wanted to create a code as the foundation for the look and feel so that all the information is there but encrypted. 

The CD version is limited to 233 copies (there's a reason for that too), the half-size clam shell DVD cases also allows the album to be stored on the shelf next to Covert 1 and 2.

Once I had established the visual language I also created various assets such as stickers and social media banners.

Digital is still available from the Touched Music Bandcamp page with all proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Front cover
Back cover
The artwork wraps around the half size DVD case
Digital album artwork
Stickers, given away with initial orders
Hand screen printed t-shirt
Facebook banner
Teaser advert (26 question marks, 26 mystery artists)