The Future Sound of London – A Controlled Vista

December 2020

Limited edition 12" picture disc artwork for a release on Touched Revolutions.

This album originally came out exclusively on CD as part of the mammoth Touched By Silence 12 disc boxset with artwork by The Designers Republic. A digital version was later released on FSOLdigital that featured completely different artwork. Rather than create yet another new design, a discussion with the band and label led to me using the digital release's artwork as the design direction.

As with all Touched Revolutions releases, the equipment used to make the music features prominently on the A side. I hunted through boxes of old photos and managed to find some negatives, amazingly shot on the same film type as the airport image from the digital release. Scans of my old film were overlaid and edited to create the right atmosphere for the music, utilising the film strip frame edges, sprocket holes and a few overexposed/light leaked shots to create interest and texture. 

On the back I used the airport image along with some of my overlaid film scans, trying to keep the aesthetic of it looking a bit haphazard and not too deliberately placed (although in truth everything was exactly placed and considered multiple times). The large artist and title text treatment was inspired by the "safety film" type on the original airport image.

This was a dream job for me – the opportunity to design for one of my favourite bands (been a fan since the early 90s). I was incredibly pleased with the final design and feel it fits the music and builds on the aesthetic of the digital release's artwork.


Side A
Side B
Side A close up
The A side features the synth used to make the music
Track listing on side B
Frame 16 of the film strip as a subtle cue to the number of tracks
Credits close up
A joint design credit as the design features the airport from the FSOLdigital release artwork

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