FSOLdigital presents Mind Maps 2

November 2021

Design and artwork for part two of The Future Sound of London mix albums for Touched Music — housed in an eight panel matt finish digipak case.

For Mind Maps 2 I built on, expanded and refined the design language I created for the first Mind Maps album a few months earlier. The custom typography was developed into a complete typeface, the MM brain logo on the cover became MM2 and I returned to United States Geological Survey on Unsplash for more satellite imagery.

Front cover
Back cover
3D view
Matt finish eight panel digipak, same as the first Mind Maps album

This time the various logos, graphics and typeface I designed became more integrated into the backgrounds. The river running through the cover logo appears in various other places as a recurring theme and it felt like a great visual metaphor for the mix.

Open digipak and CD
Mind Maps brain
I created a brain shaped graphic in the same style as the type and hid the title within it, this was adapted for the t-shirt screen print
CD onbody
Open 3 panels
The typography is more integrated into the satellite imagery on Mind Maps 2
CD under tray
The under CD compass design has changed to include duration and play and stop icons
Flat view
The composited satellite imagery background seamlessly covers all the panels
CD onbody
The river features repeatedly throughout the artwork
Mind Maps and Mind Maps 2
Mind Maps and Mind Maps 2
Custom typeface
I expanded the custom typography into a complete lowercase typeface (including numerals)

In addition to the album artwork I also designed a series of online promotional graphics for social media, starting with a simple release date teaser (below), then more detailed adverts with extra information followed.

Teaser graphic
Initial teaser graphic — just the release date and Touched Music bandcamp address
Promotional graphic
A follow-up graphic featuring more detailed release information
Mixlr banner
Online preview and launch night promotional banner featuring the Touched Music Mixlr address in the custom typeface
Mind Maps t-shirt
Two colour hand screen printed t-shirt featuring the brain graphic, I made the title easier to read for the t-shirt
Mind Maps t-shirt back
The back has the FSOL aliases featured on the artwork

The album and t-shirt were sold exclusively by Touched Music and FSOLdigital with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support.