Autechre – JNSN CODE GL16/spl47

September 2017

Limited edition record sleeve design, for charity label Touched Music, featuring two tracks by Autechre.

This one was a bit of a dream project for me, Autechre are probably my favourite group and, when Touched Music said they wanted to release two of their tracks on vinyl, I was completely bowled over to be asked to design the sleeve.

Autechre have cultivated a particular visual aesthetic over their career. All but a handful of their sleeves have been designed by The Designers Republic, so I had to come up with something that would fit into the established minimal, clean look of their back catalogue and yet stand on it’s own. A key part of the brief was to keep the artwork “super minimal” and also make it clear on the cover that these weren’t new tracks (both had been previously released but only as digital files on Touched compilations).

After going through hundreds of fonts, I settled on Coma, which was designed by Stephen Payne, an old friend and colleague. The simple yet unusual shapes of the font gave the sleeve personality and interest yet kept the minimal look Autechre were after. From the start of the design process I also considered using printing effects to add further interest but keep the minimal aesthetic. The final design uses spot UV gloss over a matt laminated black sleeve.

The record sold out within three days (amid much excitement from fans) but the digital is still available on the Touched Music Bandcamp page.


The type on the spine lines up with the cover text
Stickers – given away with orders from the Touched Bandcamp page