TotallyTween – Website design

March 2015

Branding, website design and press adverts for a pioneering online platform, providing a safe and engaging go-to source for information, discussion and trends for 8-12 year old girls.

Jointly created by two parents who had spotted a potential gap in the market. This was a project I did whilst still working at Headland with Alan Gilby (now of Leftlion Extended), who I collaborated with extensively, turning my visuals into fully functional page templates.

The starting point for me was to create a look and feel for this new website based on the logo they already had. The design obviously had to appeal to the target audience, a group that would not necessarily have much experience of using the internet, so everything had to be clear and easy to understand yet still be engaging and highly adaptable for a wide variety of content. This was a challenge I threw myself into and the client was thrilled with the results. Each of the four main sections of the site used a different headline font with a common body text font linking everything together. This helped to differentiate the sections on the homepage, which featured the latest updates and encouraged users to dig deeper. Also to aid with navigation, pink was only used on elements that were clickable or a link. All content was updated daily by the client in a content management system and tags were used to help tweens find what they wanted.

To support the launch and promote the site, I designed some full page adverts that appeared in Top of the Pops magazine and promotional emails (see below).

Unfortunately the site ultimately closed down in June 2016 after being forced out of the market by the social media giants.


TotallyTween home page
TT Design help screen overlay
TT Design help screen overlay
TT Mag article page
TT Trending landing page
Promotional email
Inside cover and back page adverts in Top of the Pops magazine