Murya – Northern Lights

September 2019

Design and artwork for a CD album in gloss laminate four panel card sleeve with uncoated paper obi, the first release on new label Dyadik.

Following completion of the design of the Dyadik logo I was keen to create a distinctive yet flexible look for the label's releases. The artist/album name typography and repeat pattern background are all constructed from the two shapes used to make the logo. Colours of the aurora borealis completely cover the inner and outer sleeve, the gloss laminate giving the colours depth and richness which contrasts with the uncoated plain paper obi. 


Gloss laminate card case with matt obi
The obi contains all the album information
Gloss laminated sleeve featuring the icon version of the Dyadik logo
The CD artwork was matched at the printers to the sleeve
Digital album artwork
Online release party advert
Facebook advert