Monoform – Mea Culpa

April 2017

CD album artwork for the charity record label Touched Music, which is run by a very good friend of mine to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. This was my very first job for Touched and my first ever album artwork.

The brief I got involved using a black and white polygon image (seen in the unused visuals below) with a specific blocky pixel font (I couldn’t find the exact font so redrew all the text myself). It’s always great to get some direction from the artist and what they envision for their album.

I started to work on visuals, initially using the supplied image and then developing more ideas based around the polygons theme. I had great fun with the polygons and the ideas kept coming, I ended up with three complete visuals (front, back, inside and CD face) and then a further five covers that could be worked on more if selected. The label and artist both loved what I’d done and also agreed on the same design option, and after a few minimal changes, it was all signed off.

CD and digital available from the Touched Music Bandcamp page.


Unused design with original polygon image
Another unused option