Min-Y-Llan – Bodydrone

June 2017

A project for the charity record label Touched Music, album and individual track artwork for a digital only release of remixes of a track from the FfAtP album released the month before.

From the start of this project I wanted to work with something tactile, possibly as a reaction to the release being digital only. I designed the Bodydrone type and experimented with photographing the cut out shapes in various environments, trying to create something that would stand on it's own but also link to the natural imagery of the FfAtP album art done by Florence Meuleman. 

As soon as I started photographing the shapes on a particularly lush area of grass I thought I was onto something. I loved the contrast of the clean, white shapes and the shadows (created by a fresh February morning sun) with the textures and colours of the grass. I also did an alternative on some dead leaves (shown at the bottom) which I think works equally well but wasn't really suitable for a summer release.

The Min-Y-Llan logo was designed at the same time after the artist said he needed a new logo. We had some stickers made and gave them away with the FfAtP album. 

Feeling like I could add more, I suggested doing individual track art and created variations for each of the 17 tracks, some of the remixers posted them on their Facebook page to promote the release.

The album was released on a 'name your price' basis and is available from the Touched Music Bandcamp page.


A selection of individual track art
Min-Y-Llan logo
Alternative, unused artwork